West Virginia Work Trip Updates

Travel Update

We just finished the VA creeper trail and we are headed home. Because we are quite a bit behind our estimated time of arrival will be 10:00PM. We will be feeding everyone dinner. We will continue to post updates as needed. Please spread the word.

Update 7/26/14

Hello! We had a great last couple of days in WV!

Everyone finished out the week strong! We got up bright and early this morning and are now in VA about to do the Creeper trail! It’s a 17 mile bike ride along an old railroad track! It will take about 2 hours to complete. We’ll have lunch together and then be back on the road to Signal Mountain.

Will update with an ETA once we’re back on the road…stay tuned!

Update 7/24/14

Good Morning! Sorry for the delayed post. All is well & happy in WV!

Yesterday was our second work day. It’s amazing to me how fast The Lord works in connecting the students to the people and families they are serving this week. During family time the first night the students mostly talked about the work they did and then last night more of the conversation centered around the stories of the people they are serving. Talking about opportunities they had to share Jesus with them and also talking about ways they see Jesus through the people here in WV. I hope you know that your students are doing so much more than fixing homes.

Last night during our evening programming we had one of our very own students Rebecca V. surprised us all by co-leading in singing as she joined the worship leader for the week! she.did.great.

I could write more but it’s time for work! Love to you all! Be praying for strength & energy on the worksite!

Update 7/22/14

Hello Friends, Family & Parents!

We made it safely to Panther, WV yesterday. It was a lengthy travel day but so very fun! Lots of car games were played, lots of candy was eaten, lots of Mountain Dew was consumed & lots of laughs filled the vans!!! These middle school students are so FUN – I love them!

FYI because of limited access uploading photos is not an easy process so we aren’t going to worry with it and just know we’ll do one big monster picture update when we are back in town for you to look at and enjoy! Thanks for understanding.

Today was our first work day here in WV. We are here with 3 other churches and last night we were introduced to our work groups. This morning we headed out with those work groups and went to our work sites. The weather has been sunny and hot, great for us considering that most of our work is outside! Everyone came back whipped! I’ve heard multiple leaders talking about how impressed they were with the students’ work ethic & consideration for one another & the families they are serving – I agree! The students came back to camp saying that this was the hardest they’ve ever worked but had so much fun doing it!

Big ‘thank you’ to you parents for allowing us to spend this week with them! There is nothing like it and I can’t wait for them to come home and share stories with you! Evening programming is about to start so I gotta go! Be in touch soon!