Wednesday Nights

We know when it comes to the life of a student they need 6 consistent things over time:

1) fun to give them connection
2) love to give them a sense of worth
3) tribes to give them belonging
4) work to give them significance
5) words to give them direction
6) stories to give them a bigger perspective

At SM2 our Wednesday Nights flow as one program that is split up into four quarters (see below). Each “quarter” has a purpose and is geared toward highlighting one or two of those six principles listed above.

Dinner // 5:30 – 5:55PM
Students enter through The Warehouse doors for check-in, move into the Youth Cafe to grab dinner and spend time hanging out and catching up with leaders and peers.

Worship // 6 – 6:20PM
All middle and high school students make their way into The Warehouse where our student led program team and worship band kick off the night. On any given week you might find yourself invited up to participate in a game, hear a testimony from a peer sharing about what God is doing in their life, learn about opportunities to be involved in the life of our church and worship God through song.

Teaching // 6:25 – 6:45PM
Students split into two groups, middle school & high school. At Signal Pres, we call our middle school ministry Trek and our high school ministry True North. Trek stays in the Warehouse for their teaching time. True North will be dismissed from the Warehouse to another location for their teaching time.

Our goal for this time is to teach from God’s Word by applying it to where our students are in their walk with the Lord.

D-Groups // 6:50 – 7:30PM

After the message, students will move to their Discipleship Groups (D-Groups). A D-Group is a community of students (same grade and gender) and adult leaders that meet on Wednesday Nights during the school year.

We believe this is the most important time of the night as D-Groups are the core of SM2’s ministry with students. It’s during this time that students get to do what Jesus’s disciples did after he preached: ask questions and unpack the message that was just presented to them.SM2’s

D-Groups exist to be a place where students …
   • ask questions, share honestly, and are known and encouraged
   • experience the beauty and necessity of fellowship in the church
   • are led (and lead others) into a growing relationship with Jesus

The model for our D-Groups aims to provide students with a consistent group of peers and leaders from the time they enter the student ministry in 6th grade until they graduate high school. Leaders are committed to following their group all seven years (check out our awesome leaders here!).

At 7:30PM D-Groups dismiss and students head home, only to anticipate the next Wednesday night!*Questions about Wednesday Nights? We would love to hear from you.

Contact Sydney at or call the church office 423-886-2190