It’s Tuesday and we have had an incredible 3 days in Jamaica. Our team is amazing! As you probably know by now we made it safe and sound on Saturday. On Sunday we attended a church service with another group from Baton Rouge. Our students got so much out of being able to experience how these people worship Jesus and treat each other.

Sunday afternoon we went to the beautiful YS Falls which is a natural waterfall located about an hour from our camp.

Yesterday we started our first official work day and got things going. Our students seem to be meshing really well with the other church groups(which is not surprising) and getting alot out of worship.

How you can pray for us:

1. Pray for continued safety on the worksite.

2. Rest for our team and strength for each new day.

3. Unity amongst our group and other church groups

4. Transformation in the hearts of our students. That they would experience life with Jesus in a real and powerful way.

I will do my best to post more pictures this evening and tomorrow!

Thanks for checking in:)