Update! Update!


NOTE: I just loaded some pics on our Facebook page. Go check them out! Click on our link here on our webpage to see.

This is a pic from yesterday morning epic paper/rock/scissor battle that ensued between our own Callie and Stephen Turner. Eric Merkle was the one that came up with the game and everyone loved it!

Yesterday was a great hard working day for all our students. I can’t tell you how many times I have had other leaders from church groups come up and tell me how much they love our students. They say they are respectful and have such great spirits.

Last night we heard from a guest speaker by the name of pastor O’neil from Jamaica. IT WAS AMAZING. I was floored by the passion and power that this man proclaimed for the gospel. It was such a gift for our students to witness this kind of connection with Jesus. It truly was a gift from God.

Everyone is doing fine. No injuries, no sickness, no bad attitudes!

This trip is just going swell.

Hope all is well in the USA.

Peace MON!