This one’s for you Joe and Jennifer.


Today is the McCall’s 26th wedding anniversary! These two have been such a joy to watch with our students. We wish the would work a little harder though…(sarcasm).

All of our leaders from day one have truly stepped up huge on this trip and it has been such a blessing.

News from yesterday:

*We got to eat Jerk chicken. – ’twas fabulous

*the boys showers got clogged. – I think it was all from Novkov’s back hair.

* 3 of our students Matt McCall, Jessica Merkle, and Ben Freidable lead us in a worship song last night that was the bomb! They played “beautiful things” by Gungor and brought the house down.

* And last but not least another McCall had to get stitches. That’s right Joe had to get his right ear stitched up last night. Matt McCall had to get stitches last week at Bigstuf and now Joe. So now we have decided to cover Jennifer in bubble wrap before she heads out to the work site today.

Other than all that we are looking forward to our last full work day!

How you can PRAY

– Safety on the worksite.

– continued conversation with other group members. Some of our groups have students with non believers. Pray that we would continue to be a witness for Christ.


– Prayer for our seniors as they are finishing out there last mission trip.

That’s all I got right now.