Summer Trips 2021

We’re glad you’re here! Details and Registration for our summer trips can be found below. 

Disclaimer #1  what you’ll find spelled out below is what we hope to do and what we are planning toward. At any point modifications or cancellations may be required due to changing or developing COVID19 restrictionsYou will, of course, be apprised of those modifications when/if they are decided.   

Disclaimer #2 – if you have gone on trips with us before you’ll notice the cost of our trips are higher than you’ve seen in the past. Let us explain that and the plans we’ve made to still prioritize making trips accessible for everyone.  
In the past, we’ve had a fundraising goal for each trip and factored that amount into our budget, lowering the overall cost of the trip to participants. In the spring we’d have a large fundraiser everyone opted into where we raised those funds (e.g. youth auction, old town runaround, house parties). We will not be doing one large fundraiser as a ministry.  

This means 1) a student/family can pay the amount in full, 2) raise money on their own OR 3) opt into a Job Board set up through Signal Pres.  

Job Board Details: as a student you will share, 1) what you can do/offer, e.g. yard work, cleaning, babysitting, calligraphy, paining, etc. 2) when you’d be available to offer these services, and 3) the best way to reach you. The Job Board will be shared with the Signal Pres Congregation who can then contact students directly to arrange jobs.  

VENTURE // $950  
Location: Central Colorado
Dates: May 30 – June 6 
Who is it for? Completed 11th – 12th Grade Students 

What is it? 
A discipleship / leadership development opportunity for completed Juniors & Seniors longing to grow in their faith as a follower of Christ Jesus. We’ll drive across the country to the beautiful state of Colorado. Each day we’ll have a different outdoor adventure as a group, along with focused teachings that center around discipleship, community, and leadership. 
This trip is by application only. Please register and pay a deposit, and then fill out an additional application  Students will be notified of acceptance after February 28. Deposits will be refunded for those we cannot accept. 

Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee
Dates: June 6 – 11  
Who is it for? Completed 6th – 8th Grade Students 

What is it?  
We are partnering with two Signal Pres Community Ministries: Widow’s Harvest and Project 52. Both have done tremendous work in the community for many years. Widow’s Harvest is a servant-oriented ministry seeking to worship God by responding to the needs of widows in distress. In addition, they have a remarkable prayer ministry that is led by the widow’s they serve. Project 52 provides spiritual, emotional, and physical comfort to individuals and families who are socioeconomically challenged due to financial crisis, natural disaster, physical disabilities, and emotional distress. Our work will be mostly labor intensive, and projects will include (but are not limited to) yard work, home repair, roofing and painting.  

Location: Panama City Beach, Florida 
Dates: July 5-9
Who is it for? Completed 8th – 10th Grade Students 

What is it? 
Reformed Youth Ministry (RYM) cares deeply about students and wants them to know the love of Jesus for them and the power of His gospel. RYM serves the local church through its summer conferences by providing space where groups can have fun together, be challenged and encouraged by the word of God in worship and grow together both with one another and with students from all over the country. Each day you will experience teaching, fellowship + activities and recreation. Students at RYM are exposed to God’s word in devotionals, small groups, elective classes and large group preaching with leaders who help them apply the Word of God to their hearts. More details at 

Location: Detroit, Michigan
Dates: July 11 – 17  
Who is it for? Completed 9th – 12th Grade Students 

What is it? 
Summer Mission Jam is the student missions branch of the EPC. This summer they are inviting us to Hamtramck, MI – one of the largest populations of Muslim’s in the US where we will serve alongside EPC missionaries. In the mornings we’ll have a time of cultural training and in the afternoons, we’ll go out together offering services to the community. 

Registration for Summer Trips is open through Sunday, March 14th. If you register online have your CC ready for payment. If you wish to pay with a check please visit the Student Ministry office Monday – Friday 8:30AM – 5PM to register and pay. 


  • Deposits are nonrefundable. You are not registered until you pay your deposit. 
  • After February 28, we will communicate the payment deadline for each trip. After that deadline passes, you will be responsible for the full payment of the trip. 
  • There will not be a singular fundraising effort that everyone opts into. Students/Families are responsible for covering the entire per person cost and they can do that one of two ways. 1) by paying the full amount OR 2) making use of a job board to fundraise their own money. More details to come at our info meeting.  
  • Applying for scholarship? Download, complete & turn in the form by February 28. Please note that scholarship cannot be used for deposits. Deposit must be paid before being considered for scholarship.