Summer 2020

Hello Students and Families! We’re glad you’re here and excited for what this summer holds!


This one’s for the students! It’s a Bible study for students and the best part?! It’s led by students! Join us as we dive into God’s word together. Details and register here.

Summer Book Club

This one’s for the parents! Reading and learning is cool but doing it with others is even better! Lets learn and grow together as we dive into two books that are sure to grow and stretch us in new ways. Details and Register here.

You’ve Been Pied

This one’s for the family! Want to have dinner delivered? We got you covered with an idea that will bring the whole family together and will ensure some laughs and eyerolls! Details and register here.

For Our Neighbor

This one’s for our neighbor! Join us as we go out into our city and serve alongside some of Signal Pres’ community ministries. Details and register here.

*You might be wondering – what the plans are for meeting and gathering for each of these opportunities? The easiest answer we can give right now is to say we plan to abide by the CDC’s social distancing guidelines and keep as much of it as we can to outdoor spaces.

But what if I’m not comfortable or able to be out in public right now? We completely understand and want to do everything we can to honor and respect that while still giving you options for participation. Therefore, if you’d like to be a part of the book club or bible study we will have Zoom and FaceTime options available to you. If you’d like to discuss this further please contact Camille Ward at