Sticky Faith: Summer Book Club

Sticky Faith: Summer Book Club

Sticky Faith: Summer Book Club for ParentsEvery parent has wondered if what they pass on to the kid will stick. Same for us in the church: how do we help encourage a faith that sticks?

Join us this summer for a simple book club as we read Sticky Faith: Everyday Ideas to Build Lasting Faith in Your Kids. We’ll meet on the Mondays listed below @ 7:00PM.

Make it for as many weeks as you can, and read the chapter before you come! Order your own copy from Amazon or request a copy for $10 from the youth office by June 10.

  1. June 16 – The Cornett Home (412 Fern Trail)
  2. June 23 – The Newbold Home (604 Carolina Avenue)
  3. July 30 – The Stanley Home (4 Fortunes Way)
  4. July 7 – The Simpson Home (1106 Applewood Circle)
  5. July 14 – The Brooks Home (416 Fern Trail)
  6. July 21 – The Tucker Home (1236 Mountain Brook Circle)
  7. July 28 – The Peele Home (315 Signal Mountain Boulevard)
  8. August 4 – The Wier Home (17 Mountain Orchard Path)

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