Camille Ward

Student Ministry Co-Director

Camille moved to Chattanooga, TN in 2006 to attend UTC (Go MOCs!) and graduated in 2010. She was first introduced to Signal Pres in 2009 as a Junior in college. It was through Signal Pres that she saw and experienced who Christ was for her and the world – mostly because a few key women welcomed her into their life and began discipling her in the way of Jesus.

Camille was the last person to think she’d begin serving at Signal Pres as Student Ministries Director in 2013, but what a gift it has been and what a testament to God’s faithfulness to transform and redirect her life toward the plans he had already prepared for her to walk into.

Student Ministry is the bomb and Camille sincerely likes being with middle and high school students. She wants students to experience the beauty and necessity of fellowship in the local church and see them led (and lead others) into a growing relationship with Jesus. Over the years Camille has learned that youth ministry is about more than just students–it includes the whole family. God uses both the church and the family to demonstrate his plan of redemption and restoration. He means for them to work together for maximum influence and impact. Therefore, much of Camille’s work and ministry is viewed through the lens of how she can partner with parents – equipping them for discipleship at home and nurturing the whole family for everyday faith.

Camille enjoys face time with people so never hesitate to reach out – she would love to spend time with you! She also invites you to pray for her and the Student Ministry as we seek to be the faithful presence of Jesus’ love to families and students equipping them to live in Christ’s love & serve in his name!


Camille likes being invited over to people’s homes for a meal. Why? Because she’s all about eating food prepared by someone else and sincerely loves sharing a meal with others around a table.

The only TV show Camille keeps up with is Criminal Minds – hands down, it is her all-time favorite.

Every year, one of Camille’s goals is to plan, train for, and take on some kind of new outdoor adventure. As a result, she’s found herself in some hilariously ridiculous predicaments.

Camille likes to read and learns best through asking lots of questions, which can be really annoying if you’re the one she comes to looking for answers.

Every night Camille still wears her original retainers from 2004. It’s been one of the most unexpected ways she bonds with middle and high school students.