SM2 Cafe

During the school year, we host Family Café on Sundays, 9:15-10:25am in the Café and Warehouse for Middle and High Schoolers and their parents. Our goal is to create an experience that  

  • Connects parents, students, and Scripture 
  • Sparks conversations here and at home 
  • And encourages life together at home during the week 

We get it: family life is not easy. But it’s the awesome God-given way we learn to love Him and each other. Each week, you’ll get an @Home Guide linked to the teaching for follow up during the week.   

Here’s the plan: 

9:15am Warehouse Doors open (Youth Wing entrance, off the patio, is open with a coffee-house set up of hot drinks and light breakfast as a sweet place to hang out, connect with friends, and enjoy one another. 

9:40am We move into the Warehouse for 1) Laughter and fun as we get to know each other, 2) engaging and interactive teaching – connecting and applying God’s word, and 3) Breakout discussions (often divided by middle, high school, or parents) 

10:20am We’re done! Hang out and then move to the exits for home or the Sanctuary for worship at the 10:45am late service. 

 The FAQ 

Student: Is this my only option … what else can I do?  

Students can choose for fall 2019 to 1) attend Family Cafe OR 2) Foundations: Living the Christian life OR 3) Meeting Jesus: Studying Mark’s gospel. But choose -one- and make that your home on Sundays. We are also developing SERVE teams later this fall that students can participate in. 

Student: if I do family café, do I have to sit with my parents in order to come? 

Absolutely not,. You’ll still benefit and have plenty of friends.  Same goes for your parents by the way if you are at another class or if you students are serving elsewhere. 

 Parent: Can I still go to a different Sunday School Class?  

Sure, and feel that freedom to choose from any of the rest! But if you don’t have a class, make this your connection point and spread the word to others as well. We want this wide open to all newcomers.  

What’s on the teaching menu this fall? 

We follow the Gospel Project Plan for the year** and are in sync with the Children’s Ministry. That mean all kids K-12th grade hear a synchronized story each week, giving you parents a great opportunity to follow up. This fall we are continuing with teaching the life and ministry of Jesus – we’ll finish out the gospels through death and resurrection, then dive into Acts and the early church. That will take us through Christmas. In the winter and spring, we’ll finish the storyline of Scripture through the New Testament.  

** (At a few key times during the year, we’ll pivot to special series relevant to students and parents). 

As always, this is a collaborative effort and we cannot do it without your help. Want to volunteer as part of a serving team? (program, tech, hospitality, or  welcome) – Go to