RYM Camp Recap

What do you get when you add up 11 students, 6 adults, 3 rental cars and endless numbers of bags? You get an incredibly memorable and fulfilling road-trip to Florida for the RYM summer camp! This was the first year that Signal Pres has participated in this summer camp, but I have a weird feeling it will not be the last. The speakers were engaging and theologically sound, the worship was spirit filled and the basketball games seemed endless.

While we were at the RYM camp, we walked “side by side” with brothers and sisters in Christ from all over the country. Some say the world is more divided today than ever. This seems to be true in the Church as well. What could possibly unite people that are divided by age, politics, race, economics, culture and more? In his letter to the Philippians, Paul says that his hope for the Church is that they would “stand firm in one spirit, with one mind striving side by side for the faith of the gospel.” The uniting principle of God’s Word is that while we are many different members, in Christ we are one body invited to labor side by side towards a common goal.

As we learned about unity from the stage, I could see the Signal Pres students becoming more and more like family. Friendships were built and memories were made. I mean how can you not look like a family when you are on an 8 hour road trip to the beach? Although we didn’t win any of the sports tournaments throughout the week, I know for certain we didn’t lose in any other way.