Remember Celebration

On August 28, students & leaders will be sharing their stories from each of our 2019 Summer Trips. Many of you supported us by attending a House Party in the Spring and committing to pray for our teams as we traveled. Parents, you trusted us with your student(s) and supported them as you sent them out in mission.

Therefore, we absolutely want to invite you and the rest of our church family to share in the outcome. Join us on August 28 as we celebrate and remember what the Lord has done in hearts, lives and communities over this past summer. We’ll share pictures and tell stories of where we saw God powerfully at work and encountered the love of Jesus.

We will gather in Dudley Hall at 5:30PM on Wednesday, August 28th. Dinner will be provided, and the program will be run by students & leaders.

Remember, when it comes to missions we want to be the kind of church where everyone is involved – you are either being sent or doing the sending. Sending is different for each person – some are giving, some are organizing, some are praying, some are going, some are doing all four. We are thankful for the role you played in SM2’s Summer Trips and we’re excited to remember and celebrate alongside you on August 28!

$5 per person to cover the cost of dinner.