Reading Challenge

These are crazy times! But here’s what we know:
…we are finishing a Wednesday night series on “Jesus Is …”
…we just celebrated Easter…
…we are learning that fixing our eyes on Jesus as our constant Savior and Lord, Guide and Friend is the key to going forward in faith.

So join us as we commit to reading the gospel of Luke and Acts together. Those two books are part 1 (the story of the life and ministry of Jesus) and 2 (the story of Jesus working in and through the early church).

Starting Thurs, April 23, we will read a chapter or two of scripture each day. You’ll have the chance to share thoughts, questions or highlights on a message board with other students, parents, & the SM2 staff.

In my life, I get way farther reading God’s word when I do it with others and keep a comittment.

So “How do I get in on this”?

  • Follow “this link to the YouVersion plan” (this is the Bible app)
  • Click on “accept invitation”
  • It will bring you to YouVersion’s login page.
  • If you already have an account with YouVersion, simply sign in or if you don’t have an account create an account.
  • Accept the invitation and you’re set.

We recommend downloading the YouVersion app on your phone or iPad. Starting on April 23rd you’ll begin getting notified of that particular days reading.

  • Read it there in the app or in your own bible.
  • Once you’ve completed the reading for that day you can check it off and that will help you stay on track! You can also post thoughts, questions or highlights from the reading and or respond to messages that other people have left!

We hope you’ll join us as we seek to spend time in God’s Word each day, trusting Him to be our teacher and the one who transforms our hearts and minds more and more into the image & likeness of His Son, Jesus