Job Board

When it comes to missions, we want to be the kind of church where everyone is involved – you are either being sent or doing the sending. Sending looks different for each person: some are going, some are praying, some are doing both.  

This summer we’ve got a pile of students attending one of our three summer trips. A handful of them have set up a Job Board in an effort to raise their own money.  

On the Job Board you’ll find …  

  1. A list of services that each student is offering in order to raise funds to help pay for the cost of their trip.  
  2. Approximate days and times they are available.  
  3. Their contact information for you to reach them directly.  

If you’d like to look over the services being offered and hire a student, please contact Sydney Little and she will share the Job Board link with you. Thank you for supporting our students as they seek to raise funds and go out in mission this summer! As you do this know that you are making an impact in the lives of students and those we will serve this summer!  

Questions? Contact Sydney Little in the Signal Pres Student Ministry Office.  


Q: Who do I pay?  
A: Pay the student directly. If you are writing a check make it out to the student. The students are raising their own funds to pay for the cost of their trip.  

Q: What if I reach out to a student and they don’t get back with me?  
A: If this happens, we are really sorry. Our recommendation is to either drop it or move on and reach out to another student that you can support. It is on the student to get back in touch with anyone who reaches out to them about a service.  

Q: What if I have a need for a service that isn’t listed?  
A: You are welcome to share that need with us and we will offer it to our students but cannot guarantee that anyone will be available for it.  

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