Nicaragua 2014

Nicaragua 2014

update 7/2/14:

Hello! Today was our last work day at Vida Joven. Last night after our program time the Nicaraguans took us to a labyrinth they have here at the camp. It ended with a time of worship. Thank you for praying for our strength and energy! It was a wonderful and productive day! Attitudes were up and cheerful! We made up lots of cheers and sang a variety of songs during our work time!

The Nicaraguans have prepared a special meal for us tonight that will be filled with an evening of surprises. Tomorrow morning we will be leaving Vida Joven and spend the day together doing a zip line canopy tour, lunch & some shopping time at a local market. Much love to you all!

update 7/1/14:

Good Evening! Work day 2 is complete here at Vida Joven! It’s been another wonderful day!

Last night during our evening program time SM2’s very own Matt McCall was a part of leading worship and Bruce Novkov shared the evening message with a fantastic introduction by Parker Marshall. We dedicated our family time to praying for Nathan and the rest of the Newbold family. I know for me and many others that was a very special and sacred time. Nathan, my friend, if you see this know that you are loved, missed greatly here in Nicaragua and covered in prayer.

After breakfast this morning we all headed off to our work sites for another days work. I’m pretty sure our eyelashes are the only part of our bodies that aren’t sore. The students are troopers, they continued to stay encouraged and pressed on until it was quitting time. Our Nicaraguan friends here were kind enough to record the World Cup. As I type this everyone is gathered together cheering on USA!

Tomorrow is our last work day. Please be praying for our energy and strength as we are certainly feeling fatigued and that we would be able to complete the work that has been set out before us, all for God’s good & glory.

update 6/30/14:

Hi All! Hope you are doing well! Today was our first work day at Vida Joven! Can I take a moment and brag on all the SM2 students who are with us…they have been incredible!!!! The work that has been assigned to us is HARD and LABORIOUS and STRENUOUS! But these students have not backed or slowed down! Never once did I hear a complaint. As I watched everyone serve with smiles, offering encouragement to those in their work groups all I could think was, “The joy of The Lord is our strength”. It has touched my heart to see our group of students getting to know and engage the other students in sincere conversation! They are rock stars and I am loving being with them! (Pictures have been added but you won’t see any pictures of us working, that’s because we were working and didn’t have time.)

Prayer Request: please be praying for physical health among our group. Many of us have been battling queasy/upset stomachs.

update 6/29/14:

Hi Friends! It’s been a very special 24 hours! Yesterday morning we left the hotel in Managua and were taken to a park where we were greeted by some very enthusiastic Nicaraguan Young Life Leaders. We were split up into groups and then sent out on a scavenger hunt within the park.

Afterword, we were introduced to the Young Life leaders who we’d be doing our home stays with. The home stays were memorable for each and everyone of us. We all have individual experiences so I hope you’ll take time to seek the students out and listen to their stories, once we are back!

This morning we departed from the homes of our new Nicaraguan families and loaded back up on the bus and made the 3 hour trip to Vida Joven. We’ve gotten settled in and toured the camp. Dinner’s in an hour and we’ve been promised an entertaining and fun evening with the Nicaraguan Young Life Leaders. More to come…

update 6/27/14:

Hola Friends! I don’t know about you but our day started at 2:30am when we left Signal Pres to start our journey to Nicaragua! Our team was split into two travel groups but both groups made all their flights, with all their students, with all their passports without any problems!

After landing in Managua and getting settled into our hotel SM2 Students piled on an old school bus and took a tour of Managua. We just finished dinner and will be starting evening programming soon. Tomorrow we will be paired up and sent out to our overnight home stays. Many of us (myself included) aren’t sure what to expect but are looking forward to it. Will you be praying for our time with these Nicaraguan families – for safety in an unfamiliar place and that despite language barriers we would enjoy our time together seeing that common language isn’t the only form of communication & connection.

Because of our location the next 24 hours there may not be an opportunity for an update tomorrow but we will be in touch once we reach Vida Joven on Sunday! We love you all back home and appreciate your love, support and prayers!