COVID-19 Updates

Please refer here for updates with Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church pertaining to COVID-19. If you would like to give since everything is now virtual, please refer to here of how to do so. Want to worship with us on Sunday morning? Join us here on Sundays at 10:45AM. On Wednesday

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Live from Wednesday Night

3/25 D-Group Questions:

1)   What is one thing that you are missing during the quarantine and what is one thing you are enjoying about it?
2)   What is one way your life is reflecting the way Jesus lived his life?
3)   In reference to Romans 10: 13-15, how receptive is your world (friends, classmates, etc.) to the Gospel “good news” of Jesus?
4)   Share about a time where you were able to encourage someone.
5)   During the next few weeks, what is one way you can spread the love of Jesus to someone?

3/18 – Dream Big, Live Small
Scripture: Matthew 5:14-16 and Hebrews‬ ‭10:23-25‬ ‭ ‬‬

1) Quick check in – who are you making sure you keep in touch with right now? (Your “closest ripple” or two). What’s one way you or they have been a positive or helpful influence on each other?
2) Why do you think it’s important for followers of Jesus to shine like lights in the darkness? What does light do?
3) What are some practical ways we can shine the light of Jesus right now to people who are … A) our family? B) our closest friends we stay in contact with? C) our neighbors or someone who is in need?
4) Hebrews 10:23-25 calls us to hold unswervingly to our hope in Jesus and encourage each other in love – not quitting on gathering together. How can we as a D-Group stay connected and encourage each other in a moment when we cant physically meet together?
5) Take an honest moment and remember influence works both ways. In these last few days, what are some of the negative or harmful voices that have influenced you? Have you been one of those to others? How does Jesus as the Light shine into that darkness?
6) How can we pray for you and one another?

House Party

Join us for one of our House Parties, enjoy fellowship with friends new and old over a home-cooked meal, and learn about the work God has in store for our students this summer What is it? Functionally, it’s a fundraiser to support the overall cost of SM2’s 2020 Summer Trips. In order to do

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FISH 2020 Recap

FISH - 40 hours of showing, telling, and experiencing the good news of Jesus. 2020’s FISH is over, but the taking and going is just beginning  We’re overjoyed we got to spend the weekend with more than 300 of you awesome middle and high school students. It gives us so much joy to spread

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FISH 2020 Volunteers

Volunteer with us February 21-23 FISH is a weekend at Signal Pres dedicated to showing the beauty of Jesus to Middle and High School students. It's our largest outreach event of the year and the invitation to FISH weekend doesn't stop with students but it's for you too. How so? Because we as a

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Summer Trips 2020

We’re glad you’re here! Details and Registration for our summer trips can be found below.    VENTURE   Location: Central ColoradoDates: May 31 – June 7Cost: $650Who is it for? Complete 11th & 12th Grade Students What is it?   A

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True North Advance

November 15 – November 17 at Camp Vesper Point SM2 True North Advance is fast approaching and we don’t want you to miss it! All 9th – 12th grade students are invited to join us. It’s going to be a wildly fun and exciting weekend as we are stretched, challenged and grow deeper in the Word of

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Trek Retreat 2019 Recap

181 of us shared a marvelous weekend September 20 – 22 at Camp Highland in Ellijay, Ga for Signal Pres’ Trek (middle school) Retreat.

Trek Retreat is a weekend where students are sought with the unconditional love of Jesus. They are fed with the Word of God in Jesus centered teaching and personal practice. They’re given relational space with people to belong to and committed leaders who are passionate for Christ and show them God. And lord willing, it equips students for a life-long faith connected to the body of Christ.

Huge thanks to

  • Sarah Provonsha, Jennifer Johnson, Liz Collins & Lindsey Jones, for the work to develop it.
  • Rachel Cain, the band from Resurrection Chattanooga, Walker Brown & Matt Grispo for partnering with us in ministry.
  • Chris Raynolds, Doug Goodfellow & Kara Price for supporting us through their specific giftings.
  • Our 23 small group leaders who lived life with middle schoolers all weekend.
  • Our 9 high school students who served as Work Crew for the weekend.

A few particular highlights

  • Rachel Cain’s teaching from Ephesians 2:1-10 on the wonder of authentic faith through the lens of our rescue story.
  • D-Groups showing camaraderie through the always epic Gauntlet & Crud War.
  • 9 High School Students taking initiative, serving well, loving long, laughing hard, always risking and never complaining.
  • Students and leaders facing fears, trying new things, & building unity within their D-Group as everyone had an opportunity to participate in varying Adventure Activities.
  • 23 small group leaders setting aside their lives, their families, and their many other responsibilities to show a few students they matter, to give them a place to belong, to create an experience they’ll remember forever, and to help them see that they are loved – not just by them but by the God who made them.
  • Watching new friendships develop and old ones deepen as students were free to let loose and play hard.
  • The gracious Camp Highland Staff who patiently served and supported us from beginning to end.
  • Students responding to the good news of the gospel by trusting Christ with their life and resting in the gift of faith.

Photos & Videos by Andrew Fowler (please credit him if you share them).

Summer 2019 Recap

We’ve been posting lots of pictures & updates of students on mission trips but this grouping of pictures might be my favorite. These are the men & women who make each one possible. - They are the ones who drive a zillion miles in 15 passenger vans with wild & woolly students. - They

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Remember Celebration

On August 28, students & leaders will be sharing their stories from each of our 2019 Summer Trips. Many of you supported us by attending a House Party in the Spring and committing to pray for our teams as we traveled. Parents, you trusted us with your student(s) and supported them as you sent

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