MS Mission Trip Recap 2021

To try and sum up Middle School Mission Trip in a short paragraph is not an easy task. That’s because it was absolutely amazing! From every leader to each and every student we worked as a team all week long. Though there were plenty of bug bites, scrapes, paint markings, bee stings, sunburns, we did not waiver in our compassion for others. I was blown away with the amount of work that our students and leaders accomplished this week. To show you what our mission trip looked like numerically:

  • 36 Students
  • 12 Adult Volunteers and many more!
  • 7 Rental Vehicles
  • 5 Dumpsters (20 TONS of trash)
  • Cleared 300+ Feet of Fence Line
  • Partnered with 2 local non-profit organizations
  • Helped 8 Widow’s or Families with their homes

Yes, it was a lot of work, but our efforts were not in vain, because we were worshipping The Lord! Our service, was in fact worship. After the physical work was done each day we gathered back as a team to worship and receive God’s Word. We dug into 2 Corinthians 8 as we learned how we can be generous, just as Jesus Christ made the ultimate sacrifice on the cross for you and I.