Current Wednesday Night Series: More than Friends

Current Wednesday Night Series: More than Friends

Hello Parents! Over the next 3 Wednesday nights – April 11/18/25 – we are doing a series called “More Than Friends.” Yep, you guessed it – we are raising the questions of relationships, dating, sex, breakups all the rest. The three talks are more or less focused on these themes:

  • April 11 – thinking about the “why” of dating and sex
  • April 18 – God’s word on sexuality – and particularly porn (this is huge among students and in our culture)
  • April 25 – thinking about the impact on relationships on identity – how breakups shouldn’t break you

We want to share this with you so that we have the best chance to partner with you for the sake of your students. We are trying to be wise and age-appropriate here, but we won’t hesitate to address stuff that your average middle or high schooler talk about. Trust me: it’s all out there. So three things:

  • First, if you want to talk about your questions or concerns, I’m available 5:00-6:00pm on April 11 or 18. Just drop by my office at Signal Pres (right at foot of the stairs from main office entrance).
  • Second, is’s ok to not have all the answers. As I told the D-Group leaders, get comfortable with saying “I don’t know, but let’s look into that” or “let me get back to you” or “what do you think?” Wherever possible, help guide your students to ask questions and look to God’s word for wise response.
  • I’m including two basic links below as resources for those of you who want to get familiar with this subject and be equipped to talk to your kids here.

1. Podcast: (some gospel-focused resources for parents, leaders, and kids) has a great 4-part podcast on basic Christian teaching here that parents or students can listen to and then talk together. There are 4, 10-minute episodes and a parent guide. See the episodes from Jan. 19-21.

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2. Book: “A Parents’s Guide to Understanding Sex & Dating” – by Mark Oestereicher and Joel Mayward. This is a short but immensely helpful book for parents on wisdom for students. We have 8 copies left in the student ministry office for $5 – or you can follow the link on AMAZON.

Would you pray for us and partner with us in this series? Thanks so much. Grace and peace
-Andy, Jimmy, Camille