Protocol for students leaving early

On Wednesday Nights we put the priority on our witness to Jesus Christ and our relationships with leaders, students, and their families. In order to maximize those relationships and give them space to thrive and because we want to cultivate a partnership with parents, please note a few things:

  1. We expect students to stay with us for the entire program time and not leave before we are done. That also means that from 5:30-7:30pm they are with us and our leaders in the youth wing and not wandering in the building or on the property.
  2. Every student signs in at the café with Checkpoint so we know who’s here and are able to follow up. We have at least one adult on point in the café to assist students or parents at all times.
  3. We know there are times when a student will need to leave early. Any student leaving early needs to sign out in the café (by Checkpoint) with the adult point person:
    1. If a MIDDLE SCHOOL student needs to leave early, we expect you as parent/guardian (or whoever is their normal ride) to pick them up. If they are leaving early with someone else, we ask parent/guardian to communicate that with Sydney before 5pm on Wednesday. If we didn’t hear from you and your student asks to leave early with someone else, you can expect a call from a D-Group Leader or Point person to confirm.

Please note: If your Middle School student lives close to Signal Pres and says he/she is leaving early and walking home, expect us to confirm that with you as well.

  1. If a HIGH SCHOOL student needs to leave early, they simply sign themselves out in the café and are free to leave. No parent permission is necessary, but for those that exit early we are working on a way to send parents a text or email notification that evening or the next morning.

Please note: once a High School Student leaves the church property they are not allowed back for the remainder of the evening.

Questions? please do not hesitate to contact one of our staff in the office at 423.886.2190.