House Party

Join us for one of our House Parties, enjoy fellowship with friends new and old over a home-cooked meal, and learn about the work God has in store for our students this summer

What is it?

Functionally, it’s a fundraiser to support the overall cost of SM2’s 2020 Summer Trips.

  • In order to do that, 12 members from Signal Pres are hosting a meal in their home and we’re asking you to RSVP for one where you’ll hear about the work and service these students and leaders will be engaging in over the course of the summer along with clear ways you can support us through prayer and financial support.

But it’s really more than that –

  • it’s an opportunity for groups of people who wouldn’t normally be in the same space to come together and share life together.
  • it’s an opportunity to widen the circle of adults in a student’s life who are for them and committed to praying for them as they go out in mission.
  • most importantly, it’s an opportunity for the whole church to learn about what’s happening and ways they can get involved by supporting the work of God in our student’s lives as they go out in mission.

Why should I care?

Because, when it comes to missions we want to be the kind of church where everyone is involved – you are either being sent or doing the sending. Sending looks different for each person: some are going, some are praying, some are giving, some are doing all three.

In order to pull these trips off, prayer and financial partners are essential and are as vital as those who are actually going on the trips.

As you join us for a meal you’ll have the opportunity to hear from students attending these trips and clear ways to support these students as they go out in mission.

How do I register?

  • Online – keep scrolling.
  • In person on Sunday, March 1, 8, 15 and 22 in Woodward Hall during the Sunday School Hour.

Check out the list of Host Homes below and pick the one that you’d like to attend or the one that best fits in your schedule and sign up!