High School Mission Trip: Final Preparation

Summer Trips 2015Hey Washington DC Mission Team! This is your last official note about the our trip, and here it is:

the TOP 5 WORST MISTAKES TO MAKE in prepping for Washington DC

5. Forget the Essentials

Leave behind your sleeping bag and air mattress/pad, your personal mess kit (you need a set of dishes/cup/utensils that you can use), your Bible, your water bottle, etc. For that matter – don’t leave behind anything you need on the packing list. Can’t find your list? Email Callie.

4. Skip the Commissioning

What’s the big deal with it? Well this is a trip created, led by, and sent by Signal Pres and they want to commission us during morning Worship. If you are in town this weekend, BE HERE this Sunday, July 5 at 10:20am – we’ll save the front row by the windows for all our student sand leaders to sit together. Just wear normal clothes. And at one point you’ll all stand, be recognized, and we will pray for you!

3. Mess up packing by bailing on the Packing Party

On July 11, we’ll be at the Youth Parking lot 5:00-7:00pm. You need to come by (the earlier the better) to 1) drop off your packed duffle bag and your sleeping stuff at the vans and 2) pick up a take-home guide for the trip. That’s it. (Note: you can bring your backpack, overnight stuff, and pillow that morning). But you guys who are on packing team – plan on being there till 7pm.

2. Bring loads of spending money

You just don’t need it! $50 would be more than enough – you only need to buy three meals out while we’re on the road. Yes, you’ll have some time in DC to pick up stuff. But still – go easy.

1. Miss the bus

You’d be mad – we’d be sad. Be at the Youth Parking lot by 5:00am on Sunday, July 12 – we pull out at 5:15am. Set your alarms or get a buddy to call you – whatever necessary. We’ll snap a group picture, pray with any of you parents who come to send us off, and hit the road!

Thank you! If you have any questions, call me at any time. I’m so excited to see you soon!

grace and peace
Andy Cornett