High School Mission Trip Update: Thursday

The past couple days have been so crazy we just haven’t found time to write our updates! We sill wanna tell you guys about what is happening here.

Both teams on Wednesday morning worked in the Salvation Army center and painted doorways and patched up things around the corps. Some of us hung up a new sign outside the center, some of us painted inside, some of us tiled, and some of us went to go paint a playground in Autumn Woods. It was awesome to get to do work near us and just help out people we had gotten to know. Later on we went to kids club and had an amazing time like we do everyday. Then that night A-team had VBS duty and we got to see the kids again and have a great time dancing around with them.

B-Team went to feed the homeless at a homeless park that night. If I’m being honest with you, that was really hard to for us to see a community that broken and needy, and it broke all of our hearts as well. Our prayers go out to those we met. It was surely an experience that none of us will ever forget.

On Thursday A-Team had a very different day. We finished up work projects in the morning, and had our last day at kids club. Saying goodbye to kids we had gotten so close to was very hard for both teams. Tears were shed. But overall we were filled with joy about the time we got to spend with the kids and we all knew God would continue his work there. That afternoon A-Team had free time so we went a few minutes away to get some frozen yogurt and get some goods at the organic store called “Yes!” (It was a good time). We got back just in time to say bye to some of the kids after VBS was over – tears were again also shed – before saying a final goodbye to them. We love these kids so much.

The B-Team was leading VBS and it was a blast! At some times it was chaotic, but it was all worth it for those kids. The smiles on their faces brought the team great joy, and we clearly got to see the love of God through those kids. They will forever be in our hearts and our memories. we love them so much, and we will miss them loads. VBS was a great success.

Tonight our two graduating seniors shared – Mary McGowan Austin and Haydon Tucker. Each has been an awesome example and inspiration and we got to pray for them together as they set our for college. And then each nigh we close with music (led by Harrison, Grai, Avery, and Ellie) and prayer groups. Please praying for safe travels as we travel tomorrow around D.C. and as we travel home Saturday.

Emma Johnson (A-Team) & Ellie Proctor (B-Squad)