For October 21

Hello all … here’s the scoop for our sixth week of Fall 2020. Officially halfway there with Fall 2020 – Wednesday Nights!!

Student Devotional – Andrew Fowler

Personally, the part of this passage that hits closest to home for me is that of the woman caught in adultery. One of our downfalls living as fallen people is looking at someone else and thinking we are better than them, or more accurately, not as bad as them. We often do this by minimizing our own sin. Saying things like, “Well I lied to my parents but that’s not as bad as cheating on a test”, or “Yeah I made a selfish decision but it’s not really hurting anyone else.” The reality is that Jesus sees all sins as bad, and no one sin as worse than any other. This means that the Pharisees who brought the woman caught in adultery before Jesus were no better or less deserving of judgement than she was, which is why Jesus told them, “Whoever is without sin may cast the first stone”. This doesn’t mean that all law and accountability are abolished, but rather that in the eyes of The Lord we are all sinners and no better than anyone else. The good news of the Gospel is that Jesus doesn’t condemn us for our sins, but rather gives us freedom from them in forgiveness. With this forgiveness we can live free from our sin in him.

Pray this with me: God, thank you for not giving me what I deserve. I am a sinner deserving death. Please help me to love everyone with the same love you show me. Help me show others the grace and mercy you show me every day. Please help me to strive to love and forgive in a way that shows you to everyone around me through me.