For March 31

Student Devotional – Tess Pope

Throughout our lessons in Acts, we have seen and learned of the coming and power of the Holy Spirit. Now as we move into reading Acts 13, we see how the power of the Holy Spirit is spreading the Gospel and bringing people together.

Last week at church we followed Peter as he learned that the gospel was not just for the Jews, but it was made for everyone! With this knowledge and empowered by the Holy Spirit, Paul and Barnabas go out on their first missionary journey to spread the word of the Lord in Pisidian Antioch, bringing with them this new understanding that the gospel is for all people.

Upon further examination of Acts 13, as we learn that the Gospel is for everyone, we see that Jesus’s love for people stretches across all nations, cultures, ages, genders, and so on. In verse 38 we see that it’s through Jesus Christ forgiveness of sins is offered to us. And this gift of forgiveness does not come to us through our own doing or performing, it is the gift of God. It’s by grace we are saved through faith. (see Ephesians 2 for more!)

Take heart, trust in the forgiveness and freedom that is yours through Christ. And remember you don’t earn one ounce of that – it is God’s unconditional love, your invitation is to rest and to trust in who Jesus is for you!