For February 24

Student Devotional – Emily Barker

hey guys!! this week we are diving into Acts 3, 4 and the beginning of 5! so definitely go check that out first 🙂 specifically in chapter 4 though, peter and john experience opposition from the saducees after healing a crippled man and claiming that the glory goes solely to Jesus. in verse 12 they say, “And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” of course they are talking about the name of Jesus!

When reading this passage, I was immediately drawn to this verse because of the way it so clearly demonstrates God’s unyielding power and sovereignty over our lives. i mean truly there is no other creature on earth that can save us; only He has the power to save. which can be difficult to set our hearts on while living in a society that tells us to depend on worldly things. at one point or another, all of us look to be saved by something else, whether that be our performance in our sport or school, or our relationships. so this coming week i encourage you to think about the ways that you can stop asking for worldly things to be your salvation and instead look for your completion in Jesus.

And to add on to that, notice how Peter and John spoke these words straight to the saducees’ faces? they were confident in God’s abilities and had faith that He would prevail no matter the circumstances! and so again i encourage you to maybe reflect on the different ways that God has already shown His working for your deliverance in your life so that you can have greater faith and reliance on Him for the future.

Hope you guys have an awesome week and search for ways to depend on God for your salvation!!!