Feed: Summer Bible Study

Feed: Summer Bible Study

Feed: Summer Bible StudyJoin us for Feed nights as we take a look into book of James. Dinner & Study begins at 6:00PM and ends at 7:30PM.

[The book of James has a pretty simple premise: if you follow Christ, your life should look like it. In a word, James is a book of action. James calls his readers to live a life of vivid faith. James challenges us to let faith be lived out through their words and actions.]

June 11: The Fight Within

Middle School – The Berry Home (503 Brady Point)
High School – The Boals Home (2302 Wood Sorrell Lane)

June 25: Level the Playing Field

Middle School – The Zeiser Home (1410 Taft Highway)
High School – The Poole Home(813 Olsen Avenue)

July 16: Living It

Middle School – The Stanley Home (4 Fortunes Way)
High School – The Novkov Home (704 Windy Way)

July 30: Power in Words

Middle School – The Davis Home (727 Olsen Avenue)
High School – The Newbold Home (604 Carolina Avenue)