Middle School Mission Trip: Thursday

Middle School Mission Trip: Thursday

@sonservantsHey! Hey! Today was our last full work day on our work sites. Everyone had a good and safe day.

One of my favorite things to witness this week is:

  1. How the students from all the different churches have meshed together and become such good friends.
  2. The new friendships that have developed within our own church group.

I love how The Lord has united us all by and through His Spirit. If you didn’t already know you would have no clue who is from which church. They have worked and played together so well all week.

Last night during program time our speaker for the week spoke about the importance of both knowing Jesus and obeying Jesus. She spoke from James 2:14-19 and 1 John 2:3-6. She then ended by sending the students out for 10 minutes to spend with The Lord by themselves. After the time was up our worship leader for the week started playing his guitar and that was the students cue to make their way back to the pavilion to close out in worship. We enjoyed family time and then split for the evening. Many students took advantage of an early bedtime and some stayed up to play board games.

Tomorrow we will work a half day and spend the other half together hiking and enjoying dinner out.

I can’t wait for you to welcome your students home on Saturday afternoon and begin hearing the ways God has used this week to teach, grow and change the hearts & lives of your students. Have a great day!


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