Middle School Mission Trip Update: Monday

Middle School Mission Trip Update: Monday

Here's the post that I know is being highly anticipated by parents! We survived rafting the Ocoee and LOVED it!What a great day! First of all, can we talk about the weather?! After a week of rain today was glorious!

SM2 middle school students left SMPC at 7:30 this morning and headed to the Ocoee for a rafting trip! It was all kinds of fun! Lots of laughing, lots of squealing, & lots of screaming (all in good fun of course). Shout out to Christina Gordon, Amanda Hayslett and Eric Merkle for being additional adult support in the rafts!

We had a picnic lunch and then hit up Sonic for a sweet treat before heading out to Harrison Bay State Park.

Everyone got settled in their cabins, had dinner and then came together for evening program. We were introduced to our work groups for the week and learned about Widow’s Harvest, the ministry we will be serving with.

We ended the night with family time. This is time that our church has together in the evening to debrief the day. Because of the size of our group we have created 7 small groups for the week that are facilitated by an adult leader. Please be praying for these groups. That they would be a safe place for the students to share and be encouraged. That they would be fruitful and beneficial and fun. That new friendships would form and existing friendships would strengthen. That students would begin to pray together and for one another.

Tomorrow morning Vanessa Steen, Cate Tucker and Keegan Perez will lead the camp devotional and prayer before everyone splits for their worksite. They sat together this evening and wrote out what they want to share. I am so proud of them! Please be praying for them in the morning!

Will update tomorrow with details about our first day of service!