For Parents

Twofer Tuesdays

Hang out with us! Every Tuesday this Summer, we’ll meet up in the student wing from 2-4p to play games, hang out, and enjoy the time off together. It’s a place to be, and people to be with: a Twofer if there’s ever been one!  Location // Student Wing Time

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Whopper Wednesdays

Join us every other Wednesdays throughout the summer for Whopper Wednesdays! We’ll kick off the summer with a lake day party, then venture out for days of service and adventure, with whitewater rafting, paddleboarding, and service projects downtown. To register, click here and simply

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Bible Studies

We hope this summer is full of fun activities, lake days, vacations, sports games and so on, but we also don’t want to forget about learning more about our beautiful Creator. Studying God’s living and active Word is one of the best ways to learn about His character and His heart, not only for us,

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Remember Celebration

When it comes to missions we want to be the kind of church where everyone is involved – you are either being sent or doing the sending. Sending looks different for each person – some are giving, some are organizing, some are praying, some are doing all three.   That’s why

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Family Cookouts

Nothing says summer like a block party! Join us for our big summer anchor event for SM2’s leaders, students & families. We’ll be serving up lunch off the grill, fun games and fresh tunes.   Dress casual and join us for worship at

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Summer 2021

Family Cookout Family Cookout - Nothing says summer like a block party! We’ll be serving up lunch off the grill, fun games and fresh tunes. Join us for a relaxed afternoon on the lawn following our 11am worship service.  Remember Celebration Remember

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TUNA 2021

TUNA! It’s gonna be a Totally Unusual Night of Awesomeness and we want you there! As this school year comes to a close, we want to CELEBRATE by calling each other to look back and give thanks while also looking ahead and considering next steps.   We’ll have

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Job Board

When it comes to missions, we want to be the kind of church where everyone is involved – you are either being sent or doing the sending. Sending looks different for each person: some are going, some are praying, some are doing both.   This summer we’ve

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For March 17

Student Devotional - Hannah Peavy We meet Saul toward the end of Chapter 7 and start of Chapter 8. This is what we learn, he was savagely against Christians. He approved of Stephen’s execution and was present for it. He is guilty of persecuting the church, breaking into homes, and hauling

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High School Retreat 2020

In-Town High School Retreat This year’s High School Retreat will take place at the church November 14th-15th. We’ll worship together, hear where the Gospel meets us in this crazy moment, and have loads of fun with our D-Groups!  What to Expect Weather permitting, everything will take

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