Business time


Family business – the card game you see in the pic has been a regular afternoon delight. Our own Caden hill even played and won a game!

Yesterday’s weather was awesome for working. A few showers here and there but nothing too bad.

Today is a half day of work and we will all be finishing work in our sites.

How to pray for us:

Pray that we would be efficient and steady as we finish up work today.

Pray that groups would continue to have unity and dissension wouldn’t be a factor.

Pray for safety on the work site.

Pray for oppurtunities to minister to the locals on site and students from other churches.

Pray for us today as we finish up our last full day with this trip.

Tonight we will have a time with our group where we will honor our Seniors. I know this will be a special time for us and especially them.

Looking forward to seeing everyone back on the home front.