SM2: a ministry to and with students

SM2 is the Student Ministry of Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church. We have a solid staff, tremendous adult leaders, and a church with the vision to love teenagers, welcome them into its family, disciple them in Jesus Christ, and move them into mission.

Our mission:

Our vision is simple – We present every student with the transforming gospel of Jesus, equipping them personally to live in His love and serve in His name.

TREK: our SM2 middle school ministry

Trek: Middle School Ministry

When you hit middle school, you hit adolescence – and that means starting the journey toward adulthood. This journey takes a lot of time, but we have some amazing guides to lead you.

We aim to connect you to friends who walk alongside you throughout your middle and high school years. Best of all, we want to introduce you to Jesus Christ who calls you to follow him and find real life.

Welcome to middle school. Start the journey with TREK.

TRUE NORTH: our SM2 high school ministry

True North: High School Ministry

High school is a tough time in our world where you face a ton of choices. Who are my friends? What do I really believe? What do I want to do someday? Where do I belong? How am I going to survive this?

Identity questions like that mean having to find your way. Discover the way of Jesus: everything in your life is meant to be oriented around the God who made you, who has saved you, who has brought you into his family, and who gives you a place in his Kingdom with work that matters.

Welcome to high school. Find your real identity with TRUE NORTH.

[We’re working on some basics to teach and model at Trek and True North programs/events. If you have feedback or ideas for us, we’d love to hear it! Contact the staff.]